I - Acutherm Therma - Fuser - California USA.

This Self Thermally controlled air diffuser [square or linear] is designed for low noise level and maximum comfort cooling.
It is best suitable for the following applications:

  1. Recording Studios

  2. Auditorium

  3. Banqueting Halls / Cafeterias

  4. Meeting Rooms

  5. Exhibition Halls

  6. Operating Theatres

  7. Research Centers

  8. Hi - Rise Office Buildings

Any area that requires a close control for human comfort and low noise.

Acutherm Therma Fuser is the latest technology with the following characteristics:

  1. Therma Fuser is thermally controlled and mechanically operated diffuser.

  2. It requires low pressure duct resulting in low noise level.

  3. Each diffuser is self controlled thus giving a close temperature control for the occupant (utmost comfort - Individual Temperature Control)

  4. Lower initial and installation costs.

  5. Low to no maintenance.

  6. Energy savings + Superior Air Distribution

  7. Therma Fuser EF square diffuser could be connected to BMS with LON work software.

  8. Therma Fuser is guaranteed for 10 years.

  9. Therma Fuser is becoming the ultimate application for offices due to its flexibility (Easy Adaptability To Office Layout Changes)


II - Nailor - VAV Terminal Units - Texas USA

This Variable Air Terminal box is used when independent room control is needed. It could be coupled with the Therma Fuser to replace the pressure independent module ( PIM ) required for a smooth operation of the air distribution system.


III - ALKOTA - High Pressure Washers - South Dakota, USA

This line of equipments is used by the maintenance companies for industrial and commercial cleaning.